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Every person has a big dream about their marriage life. All people do not get a successful marriage life. Only a few couples are getting a successful marriage. The prime number years of relationships are often the hardest.

There are various stages are present in the relationship. The research says the seventh year of marriage is very difficult for most people. Many people say first two years of marriage is the hardest. Some people are considered as first two years of marriage is one of the hardest times.

Various Stages of Marriage Life

There are many stages are present in the marriage life. That is given below,

  • Romantic stage: this stage is also called a fantasy stage. This stage maintains in only two years in marriage.
  • The stability stage: it is the restful and peaceful time period of your marriage life.

The commitment stage, the power struggle stage, the disillusionment stage.  These are the various stages of marriage life. The first two years are the most difficult years of marriages. Because a lot of problems arise in that period.



Difficulties of Marriage

The first years of marriage are challenging for all people. Because they do not understand each other. So a lot of problems will create in that period. Usually, it is stressful as well as fraught. Practically marriage life is very difficult at the beginning.

A lot of responsibilities are coming under your control. You will be faced a lot of difficult after marriage. The financial struggle is one of the difficult times in marriage.

  • Financial problem is the biggest problem. You will share the financial secrets from your partner on its way to reduce this kind of problem.
  • Managing the children, it is the biggest challenge for every married couple.
  • Unfaithfulness and moving
  • Depression is reduced your happiness
  • Sickens and disinterest


The common argument will create between you and your partner within two years of marriage. The most couples making up after a fight in just a few hours. Married couples have more responsibility such as finance, children, families, and others that will way to reduce their level of relationship. Only a few people maintain a good and excellent relationship.

Better communication is strong in the relationship between you and your loved ones. The partner to spend more time with your partner. Also, understand their needs and satisfies them. With the help of the above points, you can able to live your life happier.