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Living together is a chance to understanding each of them before involving a big commitment. Living to gather is one of the bad cultures in some countries. In foreign countries, it is a simple matter but it is wrong. Living together is a long term commitment similar to marriage.

Living together before marriage is a bad idea because it will create a lot of problems in your future life. This type of relationship affects your families and other important relationship. A few relationships will go to successful marriage life. Most of the relationship will face a lot of problems and failures before marriage.

Why It Is Wrong?

A statistical report says the major percentages of couples involve their self’s in living together. It will increase the risks of your marriage life. The very large population of youngsters choosing to live together before marriage. It wills impacts current and future relationships.

Most of these couples are want divorce within one or two months. Some people are to maintain this relationship after their marriage it will affect their children’s lives. No one can realize this problem.


The Cons of Living Together

Some couples are getting uncomfortable with the living arrangement. Many people make a relationship with one person and married with another person. There are many difficulties present in living together culture. The many disadvantages of living together before marriage is given below.

Less Likely to Get Married relationships of not end with marriage only a few relationships end up getting married. This relationship does not give any guarantee of success.

Chance of Becoming a Divorce Statistic has a higher chance of becoming a divorce statistic. You don’t get to experience that newlywed feeling.

No Real Commitment. It will surely not provide long term commitment. Some couples break their relationship before marriage. It will give mental torture to you. You will don’t live your personal life.

Living together is not ensuring to gives a successful relationship. It is one of the biggest cons of living together before marriage. After a breakup this relationship you can start to enjoy living your own life without any problem.

You will freely do your activities. You can build a lifelong commitment to your partner. After the breakup, you can spend the time with your friends, relationship and families. You can able to solve other types of issues and problems. You can concentrate on your studies and personal jobs.